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A bit of summer map fun today, with no real purpose apart from learning about UK shipping density and routes, plus making some shiny maps. Anyone can look at live ship position data, and I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but it was only when my colleague Ruth Hamilton pointed it out to me that I realised the raw AIS data was available for the UK, via the Marine Management Organisation. So here I am again.

The most recent data I could find was for 2015, so I downloaded it and mapped it on top of a bathymetry layer and then added in a land surface layer, and nothing else. In the maps below I’ve split the dataset up into shipping types so you can see where they go. This gives us quite a good picture of marine traffic patterns around the UK, and further afield. For technical details, including sources, see the bottom of the page. Click an image to enlarge it, or try opening in a new page/tab to see it in more detail. I’ve put the high resolution images (400dpi) here if you want to look at them in full size.