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#ArchinectMeets is a series of interviews with members of the architecture community that use Instagram as a creative medium. With the series, we ask some of Instagram’s architectural photographers, producers and curators about their relationship to the social media platform and how it has affected their practice.

Social media has undeniably affected the way we perceive, interpret and share opinions about architecture today. While we use our own account, @Archinect, as a site for image curation and news content, we wanted to ask fellow Instagram users how they navigated the platform.

We spoke to Maxim Zhestkov, the media artist and director behind @zhestkov. Trained in architecture and digital technology, Zhestkov launched a studio/workshop where he with his friends and colleagues developing new forms of moving images and producing motion content for brands and companies all over the world. His videos exist on Instagram to bridge the divide between architecture and the latest in digital animation.